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Raining Rupees

The other day, I came across this post on Reddit which described an extract from Allan Border's memoirs.

(From the above linked Reddit post)

Understandably, the comments on the Reddit thread were scathing across the board. These came from nationalist jingoists, from evolved sociologists, from apologisers, from No True Scotsmen.

I want to invite the nationalist jingoists to consider this in slightly less defensive terms. In less than 30 years since the incident recorded in the memoir, the roles have been reversed. Now, we have international players making a beeline for the IPL, putting themselves up for auction inviting scorn and depression if they aren't bought. Here's Tymal Mills on the subject

"It's a little bit tough, but don't put yourself in it if you're scared of being humiliated or embarrassed," Mills told ESPNcricinfo. "If you don't get picked. It's just the way it is. I've felt the good and the bad of the auction, I was obviously the belle of the ball last year and this year I wasn't involved. That's okay. We're all big boys and we have got take the rough with the smooth.

To me, it looks like the players aren't the ones raining rupees.

Raining Rupees
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